Chapter 5

Îra lay on her back reading aloud the novel Erna í Cí[1] while Fallajon listened and watched the night absently.  “Catchan qan íní à meníath indrê.  Jílía Fallabâ haer sie ilelkan à—”[2] Fallajon gasped.  Îra looked at her, wondering what was so shocking, and saw her friend’s face turn white.  “What is it?” she asked. … Continue reading Chapter 5

Chapter 4

It was the day of simulated battle between their squad and Pôtheem’s.  The two squads traveled a mile into the woods around Bethjuedt, where each staked out a headquarters.  Using swords, arrows and spears without heads, and strategy, the two would battle for the championship. For ten years, Îra’s squad had been the one to … Continue reading Chapter 4