Loner’s Lamentation

A brand new day dawns so bright!

Semester’s start–my heart is light.

Skip to stand in stark white hall

With shoulders back and head held tall.

Two-score waiting desks, give or take,

For two-score friends I’ve yet to make.

Pounds of knowledge to gain together

With Tom, Allie, Carlos, Heather–

Their names I’ll learn, wondering whichever

One could be my friend forever.



My hair’s too messy,

My eyes too big,

My cheeks too pudgy,

My skin’s too pale,

My teeth too crooked,

My neck’s too short,

My dress too youthful,

My shoes too old,

My jokes too nerdy,

My heart too torn,

My words too lengthy,

My past forlorn,

My time too little,

My wish too long,


So I slip off to the side

Where I hope I can hide

And prepare for another semester alone.


By the way, I’m taking a creative writing class this semester–dream come true!–which means I’ll be writing many more poems than usual in the coming months! πŸ™‚

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