http://   "Forgiveness can be given when you think it can't, 'cause with every passing second comes a second chance." Thus claims this song by Relient K, one of my favorite bands ever. An interesting thing about songs is how accepting we are of their lyrics as truth.  Someone writes a song and claims that … Continue reading Forgiveness

No More the Veil

Beyond the veil, the Maker waits, Adorned in shining yellow light. An inner sanctuary bright, Sweet balm that every longing sates.   Before the veil, I stand and gaze And long to venture toward His side, To never feel the need to hide-- But I'm a wretch of sinful ways.   Then to my right … Continue reading No More the Veil

Poll Time!!

Hey there, lovely readers! Please please please vote, and if you want, please leave a comment.  I really want your feedback! (By the way, you can choose more than one option, if you wish.)

Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 6

See here for the previous chapters of Lady Elizabeth. ______________________________________ “We do not have to do this, if you wish,” Elizabeth said, standing before the horse with wide eyes.  With great force of will, she swallowed and took regular breaths. “Nonsense.  Of course I shall teach you, if you still desire to learn,” he said, giving … Continue reading Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 6

Department-Store Dance

I am currently working on the next chapter of Lady Elizabeth.  Who knew writing a period story would be so challenging?  But, as I find myself increasingly concerned with historical accuracy, increasingly much time must be spent on researching the minutest little details (it's really quite fun), and each sentence's wording and structure requires careful thought. … Continue reading Department-Store Dance


Sometimes, you don't realize something is missing until it comes back.  The neighborhood mockingbird who does a stellar impersonation of car alarms all. night. long.  is just such a thing.  He went away for winter, and apparently returned two days ago.  So I wrote a poem in his (annoying) honor. In days of old, they … Continue reading Mockingbirds

Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 5

A long time ago (though in this galaxy), I started writing a story.  Life happened, and I abandoned it for a time, leaving you entirely hanging.  Well, folks, I now have decided to take up Lady Elizabeth again, and to finish it at long last.  I cannot promise the updates will be steady, though I shall do … Continue reading Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 5

The Heart Bush, Part 2

A while ago, I wrote about a bush in my backyard that I pruned to be shaped like a heart, a bush which became sort of a metaphor for my heart.  You can read that post here. I've learned another lesson from my heart bush that I wanted to share with you. Over the winter, … Continue reading The Heart Bush, Part 2

Sonnet of a Roman Republican

I'm a history major--I think I've mentioned that before.  As I approach the end of my schooling, all the history stuff I've learned over the past years is finally bubbling to the surface and becoming an integral part of my thinking.  It's so exciting!! So, here's a history lesson and a poem 🙂 In class … Continue reading Sonnet of a Roman Republican

Don’t Count Sheep

“If you’re worried and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings” (Bing Crosby, “Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)”). I’m not sure exactly why this song just popped into my head, but I am very glad it did.  I recently realized that I’ve been complaining … Continue reading Don’t Count Sheep