A Lament for the Heart Bush

Hello, friends.  I was planning on only writing one post for today–and it was a poem 🙂  But then, tragedy struck, and I have to share it with you.

Disclaimer: This is no where near the scale of the real tragedies in the world right now.  But it did outrage and sadden me in a small way, and as you know my history with this particular thing, I think you can understand my dismay.

Remember the heart bush?  Talked about in “The Heart Bush” and “The Heart Bush 2“?

It was beautiful.

It used be a square, then I made it a heart, then it used to look like this:

Sad Bush

Then I made it look like this:

The Heart Bush
The Heart Bush

It grew and grew.  The past month, I kept trimming it in shape, but it was growing amazingly well.  I was so excited to share with you how  much my metaphor bush was growing!  It was beautiful, and every time I looked at it, it was a source of joy.

Then this happened:


Someone hacked into my heart.  It’s not a heart anymore.  It’s a messed-up triangle.  By the way, it used to be higher than the top of the wall behind it.  Now, it’s at least a good six inches shorter.  Yeah, so sometimes, people can seriously injure your heart, no matter how much growth you’ve been experiencing.

I just hope this isn’t prophetic…..

So, now you know the very sad thing that happened today.  I guess I need to put a sign by my metaphor bush, a yellow sign that says “Leave my heart alone!”  After all, the world would be better if there was more yellow, right? (allusion to the poem I posted today.)

Please share your thoughts :)

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