Ode to the Color Yellow

Yellow is
the best color.

It’s butter on popcorn
At a movie theater.

It’s a sunflower lifted toward the sky,
A VW Bug stuffed with friends,
Hip-high rods of cement and steel
That tell you it’s safe to walk here.

It’s a glass of lemonade
On a hot summer day,
The star atop a Christmas tree,
A happy-face sticker in first grade,
A diamond street sign that says
. . . . . . Slow down.
. . . . . . . . . . . Breathe.

It’s pages of an old book,
A perfect, flaky pie crust,
A post-it note.

It’s a daisy from a friend
On a hospital-room table.

The world would be better
If there was more yellow.

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