“Complete”–A New Poem, and an Update on Dressember

In the midst of craziness and an overload of homework as this semester ends, this truth overshadows every stress and pressure:

by Beth Wangler

I am Yours, You are mine.
Closer than beside, closer than a touch.
I close my eyes or look to the sky
And I find
I’m only complete where You are.


Dressember, a challenge to wear a dress for thirty-one consecutive days during December, is aligning with the International Justice Mission this year.  Did you know that over 27 million people in the world are currently bound in slavery?  That is more than at any time during the Atlantic slave trade!  International Justice Mission works in countries to bring liberation to enslaved men, women, and children by providing legal support for victims whose governments allow human trafficking for their own gain.  If you would like to help IJM’s work of spreading freedom, please donate a couple bucks via this link.  Thank you so much for your support!

Dressember Day 4 (Featuring the soon-to-be-ripe oranges on our tree):

Dressember 4 (W)

Day 5:

Dressember 5 (Th)

Day 6 (I went on an adventure this day):

Dressember 6a (F)Dressember 6b

Day 7
(I spent the wonderful rainy morning at leader training with the amazing, talented, caring people I am blessed to work with):

Dressember 7 (Sa)

Day 8:

Dressember 8 (Su)

Day 9:

Dressember 9 (M)

Please share your thoughts :)

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