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When I was about ten, my grandma taught me how to crochet.  Somehow, I fell in love with it and have been crocheting ever since.  It is time now for a new stage in my crocheting life: I have begun an Etsy shop!

At present on it, I will be selling fun, nerdy crochet things.  For example, you could acquire a Dalek (Doctor Who-inspired) beanie in the color of your choice:


Dalek beanie: $20 on Etsy

Or a Sherlock doll, inspired by the BBC’s show:


Benedict Cumberpal: $35 on Etsy

Soon, you could also get a Yoda beanie (Star Wars) or an owl stuffed animal in the colors of Hedwig, Pigwideon, or any of the Hogwarts houses (Harry Potter)!

If you have any ideas or feedback, please comment.  As a special thank you, from now until Valentine’s Day of this year, if you purchase something on my shop using the coupon code “DAUGHTERSSTORYBLOG” you can get 10% off your purchase!  Hurry for the discount, and thank you for your support :)

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  1. roma1912 says:

    Love your shop :-) just pressed the favourite button, well done on crocheting something different

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