Death of an Artist

Earn somethin' to live on While the livin' leaves you numb. Trade a novel for a proof-reader's pen, An easel for a keyboard. Wake. Go work. Come home. Sleep. Repeat. Will you Create and starve your stomach, Or eat and starve your soul? We're the casualties of the system no one sees. There's no stepping … Continue reading Death of an Artist

The Story of a Bride

The light shone out of emptiness, The void turned into space; From dirt and sea sprung life And the stars up in heaven sang. The Father loves His Son And wanted to give Him a Bride. The youth of love was marred too soon. Paradise was shattered. There's a garden with an angel Standing guard … Continue reading The Story of a Bride

The Cage

When it’s all you’ve known, you’ll start to rebel about sixteen years in. Still, you’ll grit your teeth and trudge on through, because someday, it will end. When it’s all you’ve known, you’ll choose to do extra time when the manditory’s over. You’ll sit in a cage and dream of adventure and plod on because … Continue reading The Cage


Say not, “Let me coddle you, let me do it all instead. You should never have to lift a hand unless it’s for ribbons and thread.” No, say rather, “Be all you can be, do all that you can do, And if you ever need a helping hand, I’m here, and I have two.”