The Kangraffs’ Curse, Chapter 6

Find previous chapters here. ______________________________________             Will fought.  He fought the branches of the tree that wrapped around him like vines.  He fought with everything he had.  And he cursed the foolishness of the girl for dragging him to Clachan and his eminent death. If only he could reach the dagger the king of Ferngold … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse, Chapter 6

Hold On, Girl

Here is a brief break from The Kangraffs' Curse for a new poem.  Don't worry; there will be a new chapter tomorrow 🙂 ________________________________ Wide-eyed girl In a big, new world Steps into the office realm And her aspirations crumble. Stick it out, hold on, You've got a good deal here. Stay strong, plod on, At … Continue reading Hold On, Girl