A Few Short Years: A Christmas Villanelle 

Your heart’s set on a few short years 
With gifts to buy and family to call 
What happens when the Son appears?

On an average night to angels’ cheers
God wrapped Himself in child’s flesh in a dirty stall 
Your heart’s set on a few short years

Chasing the best, perfect careers
Someday your name big on the cinema wall
What happens when the Son appears? 

Called Teacher, Blasphemer, Messiah, King of Demons by His peers 
The eternal Creator met death to end humanity’s thrall
Your heart’s set in a few short years

Now and forever He promises no punishment or fears
But first you must surrender your all
That’s what happens when the Son appears

The day when your striving disappears
When prostrate before the judgment seat the world falls
If your heart’s set on a few short years 
Where will you end when the Son appears? 

This is my first attempt at writing a villanelle.  Please let me know what you think :)

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