Victory Came Through Defeat: Palm Sunday Sonnet

If you’ve been around a year or more, you probably know that Palm Sunday is one of my favorite holidays.  I’ve written this post in previous years, and this one, too.

I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to share my love of this day with you all, even though this post comes a day late, so I wrote this sonnet for you.

(For those who care, it’s iambic tetrameter following the Spenserian sonnet rhyme scheme.)

Victory Came Through Defeat | Beth Wangler


In hopes to be remembered well,

The olden kings of empires large

In feats engraved on lasting steles

Would lead men in a battle charge.

Victorious armies all would march

With captives and spoils in proud display,

Gifts and honors to discharge

And offering made by the god-for-a-day.

Old Zion saw a triumph, yea,

Announching a Rabbi’s victory.

He ascended ‘mid palms and donkey’s bray;

Next week, they nailed him to a tree.

Thus Jesus’s triumph in Jerusalem streets

Showed victory came through defeat.

It doesn’t have the smoothest flow, but I’m no Petrarch, Spenseras, or Shakespeare.


Please share your thoughts :)

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