Announcement: Merch Shop

At the end of today's Story Time, I announced something that has been in the works for several months: I am launching a merch shop! I love writing, and I also love making art. The best of both worlds is making art related to my stories, and I've been trying to figure out a better … Continue reading Announcement: Merch Shop

April Anniversaries

April is a big month of anniversaries for me—particularly this week. A year ago today, I published "The Lake of Living Water." Tomorrow marks the six-year anniversary of my very first publication, The Weavers' Blessing. There are several festivities happening this week! I recorded a Q&A video today about "The Lake of Living Water." reading April Anniversaries


All my cravingsare hollow echoesof my need for You Lord God,my Savior,my Life.

Grammar with Beth: Sentence Types

Happy April! Can you believe it? In just six months, we've made it through the basics of grammatical terms! Today we're doing a bit more terminology and starting to discuss rules. Moving forward, we'll go back through grammar terms, going more in-depth and learning rules related to them. Our focus today is on the essential, … Continue reading Grammar with Beth: Sentence Types