Child of the Kaites | Beth Wangler

For centuries, the cruel Izyphorn empire has enslaved the Maraians.  Now, at long last, deliverance is on hand from Aia, who the Maraians worship–or so Raiballeon has been told her whole life.

At age ten, Rai thought she knew what that role would be: Leading Maraiah out of slavery.  That all changed when she witnessed a murder a few years later.  Forced to flee to prevent the massacre of her people, Rai has been living in exile under a false identity, resigning herself to the status of historian.

On her eighteenth birthday, Rai is impossibly reunited with friends from her past and encounters an enigmatic stranger.  Now Raiballeon must decide if she will reclaim her destiny and lead Maraiah out of oppression or if her misfortunes have trapped her in insignificance.  Daring to risk imprisonment and death, Rai returns to the land of her captors, where she faces hardship, loss, and awesome miracles.

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