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When I was little, my Grammy used to crochet all the time while she watched my cousins and me during the summer.  She was so cool, and I wanted to be just like her, so I begged her to teach me.  She said I was too young, but I wore her down and convinced her–and she was right.  My hands didn’t yet have the dexterity to handle the hook and yarn.

A couple years later, when I was about ten, I stumbled across the half-begun project and wondered if I remembered how to do it, so I sat down on my closet floor and tried.  Not only did I remember how to do it, but now my fingers were nimble enough to do it well.  I went back to my Grammy, she taught me double crochet and how to make circles, and I’ve been crocheting ever since.

I figured out everything else on my own, making clothes for my American Girl doll through trial and error.  Much later, I figured out how to read patterns, but most of the time I still prefer making my own things from scratch.  In high school I started selling my work, one winter making and selling about 40 custom beanies.

Now I’ve advanced to selling crocheted projects in a more professional method, through my Etsy shop.  I make things that interest me, and I always love new challenges.  (Right now, Interlocking Crochet holds the promise of infinite new crochet opportunities, if I can only unlock all of its secrets!  It’s exciting, and I haven’t struggled this much to understand a crochet method since I was first learning.)

I’m always open to custom orders, if you’re looking for something nobody else is making.  To give you an idea of my style and repertoire, here are some of my previous projects.  Of course, you’re welcome to order something currently or previously made, too.

Fandom Crochet:

Benedict Cumberpals:


Priced at $30.

BB8 Doll:


Priced at $25.

Dalek Beanie:


Priced at $20.  These beanies come in five colors.  Choose which you would like here.

Yoda Beanie:


Priced at $22.  This Star Wars-inspired beanie comes with adjustable ears (there are pipe cleaners stitched to the outside edges).  Get it here.

Harry Potter Owls:

HP owls1

Priced at $25.  Cute little stuffed owls to keep you company or carry your mail.  Get them here.

Gandalf Hat


Priced at $28.  Do you love Lord of the Rings?  Have you ever wanted to feel like a wizard–and not of the Harry Potter variety?  Then this is perfect for you.  Get your very own Gandalf the Grey hat here.


Doors of Durin Filet Crochet


Priced at $75

Solemnly Swear HP Filet Crochet Blanket:


Priced at $90.

T.A.R.D.I.S. Afghan:


Priced at $80.

Stormageddon Interlocking Crochet Baby Blanket:


Priced at $60.

You Shall Not Pass Interlocking Crochet LotR Blanket:


Priced at $80.

Hexagon Afghan:

Hexgagon 6

Priced at $45.

Orange Waves Baby Blanket:


Priced at $40.

Pink, Purple, and Green Diamond Baby Blanket:


Priced at $45.

Mini-Pets Section

(All priced at $9 and approximately 3″ tall.)

Penguin Mini-Pet


This three-inch tall stuffed penguin is a perfect gift for the penguin-lover in your life, or for yourself :)  Get your very own here.

Elephant Mini-Pet:

MiniPets Elephant1

Panda Mini-Pet:

MiniPet Panda1

Giraffe Mini-Pet:


Mouse Mini-Pet:

MiniPets Mouse1

Do you have any ideas or requests?  Please leave them down in the comments section :)

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