The Firstborn’s Legacy

The Firstborn’s Legacy is an epic fantasy series, composed of novels, short stories, and poems, following the history of the fictional world of Orrock from creation to the end of the world.  Stories in The Firstborn’s Legacy are inspired by Biblical and historical events and people.

Currently Available:

  • An early version of Child of the Kaites is available for free on this blog.  A new version, complete with never-before-seen artwork, a map, and an epilogue, will be published in the summer of 2018.
  • “The Lay of Brielle and Tavish” is an epic poem following two titular friends as they journey across the rugged grassland of Marah.  The poem takes place circa novel 4.

Coming Soon:

  • “The Rending,” a short story set early in Orrock’s history.  Experience a tale of adventure and loss of innocence through the eyes of Nhardah, the Firstborn for whose legacy the series is named.
  • Chronicles of the Stewards: Short stories bridging the gap between Child of the Kaites and The Steward’s Apprentice, novels 1 and 2, will be posted periodically following Child of the Kaites‘s publication.

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