I’ve been wanting for weeks now to write a regular prose post like I used to.  The problem is, I just have so many thoughts scattered about in my brain right now, and I can never settle on one specific topic or themes.  Instead, I decided to share with you eight of my thoughts that have no necessary relation to each other:


1) “You see, just at the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.  Vary rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die.  But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:6-8).  Praise the Lord!!


2) I sometimes steal my classmates names, if they are really cool sounding, to use for characters in the future.  The latest example: Forrest Montgomery.  Such a cool name.  Recently, I had the unique experience of being on the flip side: One of my classmates wrote a poem inspired by my name meaning (she didn’t know it was me, just liked the way it sounded).  I couldn’t stop laughing when reading the poem, even though it was kind of creepy and melancholy–the irony was just too funny!


3) Apparently, if you have a cool accent and are on the History channel, you’ll get fan mail.  One of my professors has been on the History channel twice, and he seriously gets fan mail.  I think that is awesome.


4) I wrote a short poem inspired by one of my characters, Sara Arai, who I absolutely love:

She was like the morning light

Shining golden through a gentle haze:

Too bright to look at for long,

Too beautiful a soul to look away.

5) Oranges are amazing, especially homegrown.  We have a big tree at our house, and it is ripe right now.  Mmm, how pleasant to solve hunger by stepping outside to pluck fresh fruit from the tree, and to then rinse away the dirty grime until its skin is as bright as the sky at a summer sunset and slice open the juicy fruit that squirts your face and fills the air with the perfume of the sour-sweet paradox of citrus.

6) I am starting to talk about ancient dead guys like they are alive and active.  Examples:

“Plato’s Book VIII is brilliant.  Really, he’s so spot-on, it’s like he’s talking about the present day. (side-note: you may notice that Plato VIII was added to my Recommended Books list, hehe)  I love this dude!”

“Ugh, Polybius is dragging on and on about military organization.  Seriously, Polybius, just get to the point.  You’re killing me!  I have more to do with my life than spend hours reading about the way the Romans set up camp.”

“I’m so like Livy right now–I keep being nostalgic for the old days when Washington and Adams and all of them were presidents.”

7) Remember in my post Annoying Me, when I ranted about people confusing knitting and crocheting and said that crocheting is better?  Well, I still hold to that opinion, but have discovered something startling:  I know how to knit!  The other day, I was searching for gloves and opened my “Unfinished Yarn Projects” drawer (Yes, it takes a whole drawer.  I know I should finish them all, but there’s always something new and exciting to start….).  Buried at the bottom was the fully-knitted front and back of a sweater!  The yarn and texture bore my signature on them, so to speak, meaning I could clearly recognize them as being my own work.  I forgot that I know how to knit!  How can one knit nearly an entire sweater and then promptly forget that one possesses the knowledge to do so?  I picked up the knitting needles, and lo and behold, I remember again!  One of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me.  It’s a bit creepy, forgetting something like that.

8) The location of Rome was very critical to its success in becoming a huge power in the world.  For one thing, it was close to large composites of salt.  Salt is a dietary necessity.  After humans moved away from hunter-gatherer societies and didn’t get as much salt by eating meat all the time, finding ways to supplement it in their diets was hugely important.  The Romans had salt, which helped them win big.  And they liked baths, so their sanitation was better than their enemies and they didn’t get sick as much.  And they were far enough inland to not be threatened by pirates.  These are some of the awesome, random things I learn in my Roman Republic class :)  I love my professor!

So there you have it! Eight random things from my mind :)  Do you have any random things to share?  Feel free to post only the randomest comments below!

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