Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Twenty-One

Find previous chapters here. Damia slowly swooped over the tops of the trees.  She’d had to snack on some lowly humans in the woods, but her wounds hurt far less after resting a couple days.  She wasn’t in splendid shape yet, but she would survive. Damia approached the place where she’d left the princess.  Anticipation … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Twenty-One

Winter Wildfires

What an odd thing this winter is.  As a resident of Southern California (who somehow prefers cold and rain to clear, hot, sunny skies), I've been experiencing slight envy of the rest of the country's cold, snowy winter while it seems that the rest of the country has been experiencing envy of my unusually warm, … Continue reading Winter Wildfires


I promised you a lot of poems, and so I must deliver 🙂  Here's a new one!  Several years back, there were really bad brush fires where I lived.  For no apparent reason, I thought of them and had to write this poem. I am a sentinel at the second-floor window watching the amber tongues … Continue reading Wildfire