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Grammar with Beth: All About Pronouns

Pronouns are everywhere. Sometimes they're overused. Sometimes they're misused. And sometimes they're just plain confusing. We talked briefly about pronouns in the basics post, but today we're dedicating an entire post just to them. Before we get into more detail, I encourage you to look back at that first post. The definitions of pronouns, along … Continue reading Grammar with Beth: All About Pronouns

Announcement: Merch Shop

At the end of today's Story Time, I announced something that has been in the works for several months: I am launching a merch shop! I love writing, and I also love making art. The best of both worlds is making art related to my stories, and I've been trying to figure out a better … Continue reading Announcement: Merch Shop

April Anniversaries

April is a big month of anniversaries for me—particularly this week. A year ago today, I published "The Lake of Living Water." Tomorrow marks the six-year anniversary of my very first publication, The Weavers' Blessing. There are several festivities happening this week! I recorded a Q&A video today about "The Lake of Living Water." reading April Anniversaries


All my cravingsare hollow echoesof my need for You Lord God,my Savior,my Life.

Grammar with Beth: Sentence Types

Happy April! Can you believe it? In just six months, we've made it through the basics of grammatical terms! Today we're doing a bit more terminology and starting to discuss rules. Moving forward, we'll go back through grammar terms, going more in-depth and learning rules related to them. Our focus today is on the essential, … Continue reading Grammar with Beth: Sentence Types

Featured Story: Mark of the Raven

March's Featured Story: Mark of the Raven, by Morgan L. Busse. #fantasy #bookrec

Grammar with Beth: Phrases and Clauses

Ah, the sweet wonder of winter! The whimsical clouds filling the sky, the temperatures cold enough for sweaters, the steam rising from mugs of tea, the snow blanketing someone else's yard. I only pretend to boast about the snow-free winters where I live; in reality, I envy you all who experience the mysterious phenomenon called … Continue reading Grammar with Beth: Phrases and Clauses

Featured Story: The Reluctant Godfather

"The Reluctant Godfather" is a delightful retelling of Cinderella with the most endearing grumpy protagonist imaginable.

Grammar with Beth: Objects and Complements

Finally, it's February! Am I the only one who felt like January was a year in and of itself? It certainly feels like it's been 2019 for a long time. Today we continue our foray into parts of sentences, which we began last month in an introduction to subjects and predicates. As a simple review: … Continue reading Grammar with Beth: Objects and Complements

Story Time with Beth: The Weavers’ Blessing, Chapters 1-2