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“The Word Thrower” in Antiheroes

Words have power, and Word Throwers can access more of that power than the average person. At Avery Deleford’s Academy for the Locutionarily Adept, gifted students learn how to use that power responsibly. By combining speech and motion, they can shape the world around them as they like.

They must NEVER throw words at another human.

Dax Trelegan owes everything good in his life lately to the Academy. When he hears of suspicious activity among a nearby group of Word Throwers, Dax is prepared to risk everything to protect the people who have given him so much. He has never imagined himself as the hero type, but he can’t well let people get hurt if he can help.

“Kamynosa’s Labyrinth” in Strange Waters

Princess Kamynosa doesn’t need anyone’s help.  Anyone could see she will be quite capable of being the Archipelago’s Archon on her own.

But her parents haven’t noticed that.  No, they have called for a Labyrinth.

Disgruntled and eager to prove that she can do it alone,Kamynosa commandeers a boat and joins the ranks of men sailing the Labyrinth to win herself.  She has every confidence that she will soar past the other competitors on the sparkling seas.

Yet Captain’s Heir Jadairos obnoxiously stays close in her wake. Even worse—he has a hero complex.

Proving that Kamynosa doesn’t need anyone just got a bit more challenging

“H.E.R.O.” in of Myth and Monster

2021 Realm Awards Finalist

She became a H.E.R.O.—magical pest control—simply because she couldn’t face the horror of resigning when her internship ended.

For the most part, H.E.R.O. work isn’t too bad.  She settles minor squabbles between pygmy dragons and relocates hippocampi from swimming pools.

Then the unthinkable happens: a Monstrosity begins terrorizing the city.

Hestia has to find the courage to face the greatest terror she’s ever known.  Otherwise, the city will be lost.

“Adamant” in Timely

Fred Wentworth joined the Human Sky Fleet looking for distraction and a way to make his mark on the galaxy. Fighting the Bona Partisans on the front lines, Fred’s passion, confidence, and tactical mind quickly raised him to the rank of HSF Captain.

Now the Intergalactic Commonwealth is at peace. Fred finds a new purpose in restoring a broken spaceship which will enable him to fly relief aid to the areas most devastated by the war. In the meantime, the Captain finds himself grounded on the planet of Kel.

Out of all the planets in all the universe’s galaxies, peacetime had to throw Fred onto the same one as the girl who broke his heart before the war. It’s fine, really. Their time has passed; he’s over her.


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