Child of the Kaites

Book 1 of The Firstborn’s Legacy saga.

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leader of a revolt

The nymph-like Kaites saved baby Rai from the watery death faced by her people and raised her in the blessed region. They told her she would be the Leader of a Revolt. She was going to free her people from slavery.

At least, that’s what Rai used to believe.

Now she’s eighteen, and her destiny is in shambles. Living in exile under a false identity, Rai can’t lead a conversation, let alone a rebellion. She resigns herself to a life of recording her people’s history instead.

Yet still her people toil under the relentless sun. Still their babies are drowned every day. A reunion with childhood friends and an enigmatic stranger force Rai to consider the terrifying truth: Maraiah’s hope of freedom may lie on the other side of her deepest fears and doubts.


Desert fantasy inspired by the story of Moses, with griffins, magic swords, and homicidal storms. Novel 1 in The Firstborn’s Legacy saga.

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Maps of Izyphor

Here are black and white maps of Izyphor. One is the official state map of the sultan. The other was “fixed” by Forziel. Find the colored version on my merchandise page.

Handwritten Original Beginning

In my original drafts, Child of the Kaites began much earlier than it did in the final. It began at the beginning of Orrock (a long ways earlier) in my very first draft. Here you can see the first fifteen hand-written pages of my very first manuscript.

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