Chapter 7

No one talked as they settled down for the night.  By the time darkness fell, six more quísah found their way to the camp.  When the smaller of the two moons, Jshâ Pet[1], rose, Îra crawled over to where Aichan lay.  “Marquísah,” she whispered.  “I’m going back.” “Are you crazy?” he whispered back. “They are … Continue reading Chapter 7

Chapter 6

All of the quísah in their squad were assembled in the courtyard.  Îra stood before them.  “Quísah,” she said, “we are leaving in an hour.  The marquísah and I shall take you to the division at Bethindrê where you will stay until the two of us return from some mission unknown to us.  But before … Continue reading Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Îra lay on her back reading aloud the novel Erna í Cí[1] while Fallajon listened and watched the night absently.  “Catchan qan íní à meníath indrê.  Jílía Fallabâ haer sie ilelkan à—”[2] Fallajon gasped.  Îra looked at her, wondering what was so shocking, and saw her friend’s face turn white.  “What is it?” she asked. … Continue reading Chapter 5

Chapter 4

It was the day of simulated battle between their squad and Pôtheem’s.  The two squads traveled a mile into the woods around Bethjuedt, where each staked out a headquarters.  Using swords, arrows and spears without heads, and strategy, the two would battle for the championship. For ten years, Îra’s squad had been the one to … Continue reading Chapter 4

Chapter 3

“My good captains and leaders,” Çawl said at supper, “it is my pleasure to introduce to you marquísah Aichan, a new transfer.  Aichan shall be partnered with marquísa Îra.”  The soldiers chorused greetings to him.  As the hubbub died down, Çawl asked Aichan to lead them in giving thanks to Aia for their meal as … Continue reading Chapter 3


Here are a couple pictures of characters and a map of Maraiah: Ira Aichan Fallajon Map of Maraiah

Chapter 2

Îra stood abruptly at his last word.  Aichan stepped forwards, stretching out a hand to greet her.  “It is my pleasure to meet you, marquísa,” he said in a deep voice, trying to look into her eyes. She ignored him.  “Commander,” she protested, “surely there is a mistake.  I am a squad leader, and squad … Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Îra[1] glanced out of the window from the room she shared with Fallajon, another squad leader.  The room was on the third level of Îderie Lacon[2] in the circular city of Bethjuedt.  The first level of the castle was underground and housed the quísah[3] of the Rebellion[i] who were stationed in Bethjuedt.  The second level … Continue reading Chapter 1