The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 24

Previous chapters are here.  Happy Halloween! Their walk through Clachan, led by the sage’s old dog loping along, showed a country nothing like all the descriptions Steven had ever copied about it.  Every book on foreign policy or nearby cultures spoke of Clachan’s beautiful vibrancy and fruitfulness.  Now, in person, it was the opposite.  Trees … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 24

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 23

Here it is!  Sorry for the prolonged wait.  Find previous chapters here. All his life, he had sought a quiet, peaceful life.  The other magical people he knew had risen to prominence in their kingdoms, usually with deadly results for themselves, but not he, not Trevor.  He had lived under a theory that he could … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 23

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 22

Find previous chapters here.   “How are you feeling?” he asked Annette.  The question could be interpreted as concerned, but truly Bill only wanted to know how long it would be until they could get to work defeating the sorcerer. The sadness in her brown eyes told him she understood his meaning, though.  She used … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 22

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 21

Find previous chapters here. "It isn't working, Maxwell!" Louise greeted her husband in the dining hall.  She swept past the too-thin servants and the great roast turkey cooling on a garnished silver platter to join the king at the head of the table.  "The bounty hunters aren't finding him." Max shoved a turkey leg into his mouth … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 21

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 19

Find previous chapters here. With sharp eyes, Steven took in the cottage.  Against one wall hung countless bunches of herbs and pewter pots of varying sizes.  Facing that wall was a shoulder-high bookshelf laden with ancient tomes that filled the shelves and piled on top of each other nearly up to the ceiling.  Words such … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 19

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 17

Find previous chapters here. “It’s all your fault,” Louise Kangraff’s repellent tones grated on his ears. “No, it’s yours.  If we’d followed my plans, we wouldn’t be in this mess,” Maxwell’s slimy voice whined back. He sighed deeply and rubbed his bald temple.  This is why he never had had children.  Their incessant whining had … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 17

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 11

Find previous chapters here. ___________________________________________             There he was, back at last.  Of course, he would need a good scrubbing before he could be thoroughly recognizable as her son, but he was back, and that was what mattered. She should have been elated, should have felt victorious, or she should have been furious at the … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 11

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 7

Find previous chapters here. ____________________________________________             Repulsion filled Maxwell at the sight of his wife.  “Take me to him,” she demanded. “To whom?” he drawled.  Playing ignorant would infuriate her. Her eyes narrowed.  “To the sorcerer.  Do not play games with me, Maxwell.” He bit back the many rejoinders that came to mind, since he … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 7