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            Repulsion filled Maxwell at the sight of his wife.  “Take me to him,” she demanded.

“To whom?” he drawled.  Playing ignorant would infuriate her.

Her eyes narrowed.  “To the sorcerer.  Do not play games with me, Maxwell.”

He bit back the many rejoinders that came to mind, since he did not particularly desire to feel her ringed fingers slap across his face.  “I’m sorry, but no.  He is not fond of people.  Even I am not allowed to see him,” he lied smoothly.

She crossed her flabby arms.  “I don’t believe you.”

“Fine.  I’ll give you directions to his laboratory.  But don’t blame me when he turns you into an insect.”  He gestured for an attendant to bring him writing supplies.

Louise the lout pursed her lips.  “Are you certain?”

“Why would I lie?” he asked.  “He’s a very powerful sorcerer, and his powers just increased tenfold.  He is not to be trifled with.”

The attendant placed parchment, ink, and his pen on the small table next to his hard wood throne.  He dipped the pen in the ink and held it poised over the paper, quirking an eyebrow at his wife.  Louise would surely relent in the face of his willingness.

She did.  With a tiny nod, she spun to leave the room.  “You better tell me at the first news,” she called over her boney shoulder.  “Or else.”

To which empty threat she was referring, Maxwell took his own guesses.  None of them disturbed him much anymore, so as soon as she was out of sight, he swung up from his seat and ducked behind a drapery into the passageway that was known only to those privileged enough to be born into the Kangraff family.  She would never find it, and that made him laugh.

“What tickles your humor?” a high male voice asked.

Maxwell stepped into the chamber at the end of the passage and beheld a balding, chubby, middle-aged man.  Odd that such power should reside in such mundane packaging.  Yet he had seen proof enough of the sorcerer’s prowess.  He smiled at the memories of devastation and disease.  “I’m just reveling in the Lump’s ignorance,” he answered.  “Now tell me, is there any news?”

The sorcerer smirked.  “Oh, there’s news.  Your Bill is headed this way, just as planned.  He’s on Poldar’s soil as we speak.  And you’ll never guess who is with him.”  The portly man whispered his revelation in Maxwell’s ear with acidic breath.

Max’s smile slipped.  “No,” he shook his head.  “That’s not possible.”

The sorcerer grinned widely.  “Oh, but it is.  And I have the perfect plan to make sure they both suffer.


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