Child of the Kaites: Chapter 13

Child of the Kaites Chapter 13 | Beth Wangler

Sorry this one is so late today!  My sister got engaged yesterday (yay!!!!!!!!), so I got way too little sleep and topped it off with a really challenging day of substitute teaching.  It took a lot of salsa and tea (my comfort foods), but I finally managed to get this ready for you. If you … Continue reading Child of the Kaites: Chapter 13

The Epilogue to the Previous

Let me tell you a story. Last Thursday, I had a very bad day at school.  You can read about it in my previous post, “Hope and Despair: Reflections of a [Hopeful] Future Teacher.” Basically, that had a huge impact on my next week.  Although I said I would not, I kept being greatly concerned … Continue reading The Epilogue to the Previous