Fig Leaf

Wrestling in the dark with unbelief, Hiding from your eyes my sins so base. I was born clutching a fig leaf, A broken image alive in disgrace. In a world of sinners I am the chief. Your halls of light I would only efface With my unclean presence, however brief. You call to me, and … Continue reading Fig Leaf

What is Faith?

Is faith a lofty pragmatism a one-time-buy insurance policy a spoiled child an "I asked once don't make me ask again" Or is faith an ocean tide an interminably persistent sibling a ceaseless alarm an "I know you hear and you better believe I'm not going away?"   Yesterday I spent six hours talking about prayer … Continue reading What is Faith?

Perfect Love

Perfect Love by Beth Wangler So this is what they mean By perfect love that casts out fear: Your face I’ve never seen, But still I know that You are near. Your presence makes me bold To take the risks I’d never dare If I were young or old. Your favor frees me from all … Continue reading Perfect Love

Wondering if Romance is Still Real (The Answer is Yes)

Over the holiday season, I worked at Barnes and Noble.  The quickest path to the break room through the shelves heavy with thousands of books was down the romance aisle. Now, I’ve never considered myself a typical girl.  Sure, I played with dolls growing up, but I also spent hours outside in the dirt.  My … Continue reading Wondering if Romance is Still Real (The Answer is Yes)

Give Me You

Give Me You Give me not knowledge, nor wisdom, nor cunning; Give me only knowledge of You, wisdom to seek You. Give me not riches, nor costly clothes, nor flawless features; Give me only the wealth of Your worth, clothe me in Your righteousness. Give me not a mansion of forty rooms, nor an expensive … Continue reading Give Me You

2014 Reflections (And Dressember Update)

Ah, the end of another year approaches.  A time for reflection, a time for looking ahead.  It is high time that I share some reflections with you. If I had to give the past year a name, then 2014 would be the "Year of Silence."  In about December of last year, it seemed like God … Continue reading 2014 Reflections (And Dressember Update)

The Grass Withers

The Grass Withers Hey little mist, don’t you know, don’t you know you’re only here for a little today. The sun’s comin’ up and within the hour it’ll burn you all away. Hey little leaf, don’t you know, don’t you know your green won’t last too long. Autumn’s comin’ fast with its oranges and its … Continue reading The Grass Withers

Never Forsaken

Change has never been easy for me, and still isn't.  When something big changes, I become a tumultuous emotional wreck, and react in extremes.  Recently, that means vacillating between "my life is meaningless and I'll never do anything worthwhile" and "I'm going to drop everything and travel everywhere and move to the farthest away place I … Continue reading Never Forsaken


Last Wednesday, in the youth group where I volunteer, we were talking about being servants.  In the midst of our discussion, one of my girls blurted out, "Can we talk about something else?  This makes me really uncomfortable." My first instinct was to blame her response on her upbringing in our wealthy, superficial Orange County, … Continue reading Servitude

Roman Triumphs and Palm Sunday

On this Palm Sunday, I wanted to share with you why this has become one of my very favorite holidays: In ancient Rome, "Triumph" was a very significant word.  It meant far more than "the act, fact, or condition of being victorious" ( definition of "triumph").  A Triumph was an extravagant, joyous parade through the capital city to the temple of Jupiter … Continue reading Roman Triumphs and Palm Sunday