Steward Stories

Approximately 400 years pass between Child of the Kaites and The Steward’s Apprentice.

It’s a time of joy. Maraiah has finally reached her homeland of Tion Beriath, the Land of Promise.

It’s a time of struggle. The land was not empty. Giant Aimarines, martial Xendroqites, and surly Coarnomites fill Tion Beriath, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their hold on the land.

It’s a time of faith. Stewards raised up by Aia stand between their people and death. Aia works great miracles through them, acts that reshape the very ground of the Promised Land.

It’s a time of disappointment. Life doesn’t look like Maraiah expected. The generations drag on, and still life is struggle.

Will there ever be a Steward who truly establishes the peace Maraiah has been longing for?

The complete Steward Stories is coming later in 2020. In the meantime, the first four are available as ebooks. Find synopses and where to purchase the ebooks below.

1) “Catam Chieftain”

Catam Chieftain Cover fixed small

Synopsis: Life as an Aimarine chieftain is never secure, but therein lies the glory. When Catam-Chieftain receives word that new enemies are approaching his chiefdom, he welcomes the fight. Any victory is honorable, but Catam suspects this will be one of his great triumphs. Catam prepares to thwart this new nation that has been spreading chaos around the peninsula. He has to: it’s the only thing that can secure his supremacy in the eyes of Orrock, the other chieftains, and, most importantly, his younger brother Mairon. Catam swears to the gods: he shall vanquish Maraiah.

“Catam Chieftain” is currently available for free and exclusive for newsletter subscribers. Not subscribed yet? You can sign up here.

2) The Temple Builders

2 The Temple Builders fixed small

Synopsis:In the decade since Tiran received a Sword of Champions, he feels like he’s figured out what it means to be Swordbearer. He travels around the peninsula for most of the year settling disputes among Maraians and protecting them from the violent nations surrounding them. Usually Nihal, the other Swordbearer, travels with him.

A mission to defend a city from the giant Aimarines starts exactly as Tiran would expect, but then he finds himself facing a new kind of opposition. This opposition could take everything from him: his confidence in Aia’s will, his life, and worst of all his calling. With all certainty gone, Tiran must decide who he is and discover what it truly means to be a Steward.

Purchase “Temple Builders” from online retailers here.

3) Irellia the Night Walker

Synopsis: Irellia the Night Walker was born blind—in other words, cursed, according to her people. But only through her deepest shame can she find the help that her people desperately need.

Purchase “Irellia” from online retailers here.

4) Jennoevre the Glowing


What was there in life, if not an endless wrestling against an unconquerable foe?

All his life, Lewka has been fighting to keep Jennoevre alive and her faith strong. He will do anything for his sister, even if it means losing his soul.

Whatever it takes, Lewka can do it: Sell himself into slavery, becoming a fugitive, stealing, lying—and worse.

He has to protect her. No one else will. Especially not some distant Creator who never spared two Coarnomite orphans a thought.

If Jennoevre ever knew, all of Lewka’s striving would only push her away. He must never tell his sister the truth.

Purchase “Jennoevre” from online retailers here.

5) Tailor Eilamir

SynopsisHead down. Don’t draw attention. Survive until the Steward comes.

Coming 2020

6) Matron Gaia

6 Matron Gaia Cover 3 fixed small

Synopsis: Gaia has lived all her life in her perfect brother’s shadow while everything she touches fails. When he becomes Steward, Gaia’s had enough. The Xendroqite Pontifex offers Gaia the opportunity to change her destiny and make something of herself.

When she finally realizes what she has done, Gaia knows she is beyond forgiveness.

Coming 2020

7) Steward Duecatoh

7 Steward Duecatoh Fixed Small

Synopsis: Since he became an adult, nothing in life has turned out as Duecatoh planned. He’s betrayed his best friend, married a woman he hates, and been forced to leave his forge and lead an army into battle.

It all goes terribly wrong–but losing everything could be just what Duecatoh needs. Only then can he see what truly matters.

Coming 2020

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