Between Child of the Kaites and The Steward’s Apprentice, approximately 400 years pass. A great deal happens during that time, some of which will be hinted at in TSA and in The Firstborn’s Legacy book 3, The King’s Son.

I wasn’t content with that, though. I like the stories that happen between these novels.

I also didn’t want to make you all wait such a long time for the second novel in the saga, particularly after…well, those of you who have read CotK know after what 😉

That is where the Steward Stories come in. I’ve chosen seven of my favorite things that happen between books 1 and 2, and I’m writing them as short stories. Starting September 2018, a Steward Story will be published every other month. At first, they’ll only be in ebook format, but I do plan to bundle them into a compilation when they’re all out there. The compilation will be in ebook and paperback format.

1) “Catam Chieftain”

Catam Chieftain Cover fixed small

Synopsis: Life as an Aimarine chieftain is never secure, but therein lies the glory. When Catam-Chieftain receives word that new enemies are approaching his chiefdom, he welcomes the fight. Any victory is honorable, but Catam suspects this will be one of his great triumphs. Catam prepares to thwart this new nation that has been spreading chaos around the peninsula. He has to: it’s the only thing that can secure his supremacy in the eyes of Orrock, the other chieftains, and, most importantly, his younger brother Mairon. Catam swears to the gods: he shall vanquish Maraiah.

“Catam Chieftain” is currently available for free and exclusive for newsletter subscribers. Not subscribed yet? You can sign up here.

2) The Temple Builders

2 The Temple Builders fixed small

Coming November 2018

Since a kaite gave him Champion Saviayr’s sword, Tiran has been doing his best to help his people. Now he encounters a new challenge, one from inside Maraiah. Even teamed up with Nihal, the other person who inherited a Sword of Champions, Tiran may not be able to work through this challenge. He has to try, though. He has to live up to the title his people have given him: “Steward.”

3) Irellia the Night Walker

3 Irellia the Nightwalker small fixed

Synopsis: Her people are descendants of a star. Their heritage is sensitive eyesight that allows them to roam at night watching over sleeping Maraiah. But Irellia was born blind, cursed. Her whole life, she’s been an inconvenience and a pariah. When Coarnome attacks, the lives of her family and the other Night Walkers depend on her proving their perceptions and her own self-image wrong.

Coming January 2019

4) Jennoevre the Glowing

4 Jennoevre the Glowing fixed small

Synopsis: They call her “Glowing,” because her faith is so great that the Sword she bears constantly shines. In the moment of her greatest crisis, Jennoevre finds out that the foundation of her faith has been a lie.

Coming March 2019

5) Eilor the Tailor

5 Eilor the Tailor Fixed Small

Synopsis: Head down. Don’t draw attention. Survive until the Steward comes.

Since the Aimarines captured his city twenty years earlier, Eilor has done everything he could to keep himself and his family alive. He was dealt a good lot to accomplish that: Eilor is a cripple and a tailor. The giant Aimarines would never see someone as frail as him as a threat.

But the Steward hasn’t come. The Steward might not even be coming. And something just pushed this meek man to his limits.

Coming May 2019

6) Matron Gaia

6 Matron Gaia Cover 3 fixed small

Synopsis: Gaia has lived all her life in her perfect brother’s shadow while everything she touches fails. When he becomes Steward, Gaia’s had enough. The Xendroqite Pontifex offers Gaia the opportunity to change her destiny and make something of herself.

Then war breaks out. Gaia’s allegiance is torn between her brother and her husband, between the God of her parents and the gods of her new city. Just how far has this rebel fallen?

Coming July 2019

7) Steward Duecatoh

7 Steward Duecatoh Fixed Small

Synopsis: Since he became an adult, nothing in life has turned out as Duecatoh planned. He’s betrayed his best friend, married a woman he hates, and been forced to leave his forge and lead an army into battle.

It all goes terribly wrong–but losing everything could be just what Duecatoh needs. Only then can he see what truly matters.

Coming September 2019

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