What to Expect for the Future

Surprise!  Two posts in one day!  I had originally planned on combining that with the earlier post about Dressember, but I ended up saying so much over there that I thought it better to break this up. Some months ago, I finished posting chapters of my third fairy tale novella, Noemi's Dragon.  I've been posting poems … Continue reading What to Expect for the Future


Saltwater Future

Saltwater Future The waves roll ever against the shore, Files of saltwater and sand Chiseling out a new coast. Try as he might, man’s hand Is powerless to interfere With the pounding of the waves. The future’s just as untraceable As next century’s shoreline. Try as I might, I can’t determine my future: The tiny, … Continue reading Saltwater Future

My Ten-Year Plan

Hello, Worry--back again? Or not yet gone away? Why, I thought I kicked you out, Showed you to the door And bolted it behind you. Were you not alarmed With the plans I made? Did my strivings not give you pause? No--why were you laughing When I wrote out the next ten year? I thought … Continue reading My Ten-Year Plan

Disappointments and Blessings

I've been in school more than three quarters of my life.  That's a long time.  It really starts to wear on a person's spirit, being in school that long.  I love learning.  It is a beautiful, wonderful thing.  I just do not like school.  The longer I am in it, the less I enjoy being … Continue reading Disappointments and Blessings