Surprise!  Two posts in one day!  I had originally planned on combining that with the earlier post about Dressember, but I ended up saying so much over there that I thought it better to break this up.

Some months ago, I finished posting chapters of my third fairy tale novella, Noemi’s Dragon.  I’ve been posting poems and random things since then, while trying to decide on the future of this blog.  If you’ve been around recently, you know that I’ve also been writing a great deal in my fantasy novel series, querying agents and finishing the first draft of the second novel.

Well, I’ve queried way too many agents to think about.  I’ve gotten twenty or so “no”s.  I’ve gotten way more no responses.  I’ve learned to appreciate rejection, because at least they’re not leaving me hanging.  I’ve begun outlining and writing the third book in the series.  I’m typing up the second, so editing can begin.  I’ve waited long past the time period in which the last agents said they’d respond if they wanted to represent my novel.

So I’m choosing a different path.  Instead of continuing to hold out hope for an unlikely course of traditional publication, I’ve decided to do what I have done in the past.  Starting January 2nd, the first Monday of the new year, I’ll be posting one chapter of Child of the Kaites per week!

Child of the Kaites | Beth Wangler

Since it’s all written already, you shouldn’t have to suffer through any unfortunate delays :)

I care very much about this story–I’ve been working on this series, more or less, for the past eight years.

Because of that, I already beg you to leave me constructive feedback.  Please don’t be cruel, but I honestly love to get thoughtful suggestions on how to make it better.  Seriously, one of my friends just started reading it and told me all the ways she thought the first chapter needed help, and it made my week, I was so happy.

So that is what you have to look forward to on my blog :)  In light of that, I’m planning to take the next couple weeks off of blogging.  I’ll still post Dressember updates, but I’m going to be giving my writing energy to making Child of the Kaites the best it can possibly be for you.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear more from you in the coming months :)

2 thoughts on “What to Expect for the Future

    1. Thanks! I would have rather had the querying process go differently, but who knows? Maybe doing this will make it easier to get an agent for the next book :) And I’m excited to share it!

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