As you may know, I got my teaching credential last year in secondary school History.  This year’s adventure finds me as a substitute teacher.  Actually, today was only my second day of subbing.

And they made me sub for a preschool class.

On my second day.

When I have no idea how to teach in primary school.

When preschoolers frighten me.

When I really just love junior highers.

So, um, talk about facing your fears.  When I hung up after receiving my placement for the day, I was shaking and close to tears.   The whole day, even with the help of the aids, I felt totally clueless and out of my depth.  Nothing horrible happened, I guess.  If you don’t count a kid hitting another kid for no reason.  Or the kid who sneezed snot all over his arm.

I mean, preschoolers are cute.  But they’re gross.  They’re sweet.  But I don’t understand what they’re thinking.

So give me junior high or high school any day.

That’s basically a long-winded explanation of why I don’t have anything really stand-alone for you today.  I will tell you what I told my mom when the day was over: I’m dead.  I survived, but I’m dead.

I suppose the benefit for you, then, is that I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek at the epic* poem I’m writing.  It takes place in the world of my fantasy series, The Firstborn’s Legacy.

*epic in the traditional sense, not “really cool, dude.”  Also, how long does a poem have to be to be considered epic?  Because it’s not Odyssey length, but it’s pretty long.

Sneak peak of Beth Wangler's epic poem, "The Lay of Brielle and Tavish" | part of The Firstborn's Legacy

Away west, there used to be,
Upon the land twixt Aimar and sea
Where plains and rolling hills there be,
The people we call Marah.

Not a realm nor kingdom were they,
Nor bonded either by tongue or fay.
The people of Marah, as they say,
Were like the land: Wild and free.

Themselves they saw as separate clans:
Eighteen spread throughout the lands
Always engaged in bloody stands,
Quick to make and break alliances.

Rhian and Keiran were two of those,
Allies for longer than most were foes.
Then a threat to their long peace arose
In the tenure of Oldon Chief.

What was the threat to their peace?  Well, you’ll just have to check back next week :)  Have you faced any of your fears this week?  Let me know in the comments!

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