A poem, as I’ve been at my new job for a couple weeks:

I’m a working girl now—
Let me tell you how
I’m getting by
Working nine-to-five:
Thank God I’m not in school.

I got to do arts and crafts today,
Stickers on folders for bills that are paid,
Endorsing checks with a fun little stamp—
It’s almost like summer camp!
I’m glad I’m done with school.

Aurora’s personality fits her name,
And for Nancy to frown would be a shame.
I learned how to make my coworkers coffee
And refill the candy bowl with toffee.
This really is far better than school.

Kirk, now, he’s quite a shy one.
I’m buried in archival projects for Ryan.
Hours of confusion have me close to tears,
And answering the phone embodies my fears,
But at least I’m done with school.

My hands are layered in paper cuts.
Piles of mail make me bored to my guts.
Outside the sky’s beautiful today;
I’ll watch from afar and quietly say,
“I really am glad to be out of school.”

Without a sweater I’m constantly cold.
There’s ten angry lawyers all on hold.
By lunchtime I’m tired.
I don’t want to be fired.
Still, I’m glad I’m not in school.

I’m sure working will get better
When there’s a paycheck with my name in big letters.
It’s probably my lack of sleep
(I haven’t slept in for over three weeks).
To even think this, I feel like a fool,
But I’m starting to almost kind of miss school.

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