Attack of the Animals
by Beth Wangler

It started just the other day–
The animals stopped acting in their habitual ways.


The squirrels don’t scurry and cling to tree bark;
Instead, they chase me through St. James Park.


The songbird that every morning twittered with charm
Traded classical airs for an endless car alarm.


The lizards aren’t shy, nor is that mouse;
They’re adamantly trying to get in my house.


The moth isn’t satisfied nearby the light;
It won’t be happy without a real fight.


The possums don’t munch on their snail midnight brunch;
They beg at my door for a full three-course lunch.


A coyote decided the open backwoods
Aren’t as nice for a stroll as an uptown neighborhood.


I’m more than a little bit alarmed.
My life’s turned into a wild version of Animal Farm.


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