I was blessed by a full day at the beach yesterday.  Here are some pictures from my day and a couple descriptions I had fun writing :)


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Description 1

They chased the foam dripping back into the sea, then fled before each new wave with joyous peals.  It was a race, them and the water, yet one they did not mind to lose.

Description 2

Even at the beach, where cool currents lowered the temperature by a handful of degrees, hair frizzed and the air was heavy.  The morning sun sucked dampness from the sand up into a glowing haze.  Waves leapt over porous rocks at the foot of the cliffs, and the spray glinted brighter than diamonds.

The girl breathed, “It’s magical.  It’s a real-life fairy-tale,” and forgot for the moment about the heat.

Description 3

I had forgotten the wild of the sea.  Standing at its brink, I wondered how I ever escaped the inexorable call of the deep.  Light and sound crashed over me, draining me of the black and white city doldrums, filling me with gold and turquoise and midnight and silver until every cell gleamed with light and joy.

I was alive, renewed, enlightened.

White foam raced over my toes, crept up my ankles, and broke through my stupor.

I stepped forward and answered the call of the sea.

3 thoughts on “Beach Day

  1. This made me miss the beach so much! I think I became a geologist because I saw the same things in the rocks that I had seen at the beach growing up. In my WIP, Raymond just visited the beach for the first time, but I don’t think he fully appreciates it. :)

    1. You should come visit the beach! That’s so cool. The rocks at the beach always make me wish I remembered more about my geology class. I thought of your story from last week when I was there and wondered if you’d be able to identify what kinds of rock I was looking at.

      Poor Raymond; he’s got a lot on his mind. Hopefully the beach at least gave him a little peace.

      1. Raymond isn’t very talented at relaxing. ☺
        I am going to visit the beach in October when we take a trip to California. I just have to wait until then.

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