Every so often, something I learn about in class really intrigues me, and I end up writing a poem.   One of them was a sonnet about being a Roman soldier, which I’m still pretty proud of and which you can read here.  Well, recently in Biology we learned about the immune system and it captured my imagination, so when our teacher told us we could get extra credit for writing a poem about something in Biology, this is the result:

Allergies, or Drama Queen Histamines
By Beth Wangler

I step outside and sniff the air,
Rejoice in spring without a care—
But sadly my body does not agree
When it encounters pollen from a flowering tree.

My microphages greet these foreign dignitaries
And beckon phagocytes for the usual pleasantries.
Basophils and mast cells also join the party;
All is well, until their bodyguard histamines
Overreact like the biggest drama queens.

Blood vessels expand with defender molecules
Rushing to the site and losing their cool.
Just like that, thanks to my innate immune response,
My sinuses swell and become immense.

So much for enjoying outside anew.
I guess I’ll grab Kleenex and watch Doctor Who.


Dressember Update :)

Day 10:

Dressember 10 (Tu)

Day 11
(Otherwise known as the day that one of my professors canceled our final, and I was overjoyed):

Dressember 11 (W)

Day 12:

Dressember 12 (Th)

Day 13:

Dressember 13 (F)

Dressember, a challenge to wear a dress every day for the month of December, is a celebration of beauty and femininity, but this year, it’s more than just a dress.  Dressember is aligning with International Justice Mission this year to raise funds for its work against human trafficking.  If you would like to donate even a couple dollars to their campaign, you will be helping liberate and provide aftercare and legal support for male, female, and child victims of slavery.  You can donate here: http://www.ijmfreedommaker.org/account/8298/Bethany-Wangler.  Thank you so much for your support!

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