There was no fearsome, violent brawl
Or raging storm between us.
There was no icy winter road
Or long, silent estrangement.

No, it was a mellow autumn evening
When you tossed the last stone,
The accusation of some small fault,
That shattered my resilience

And, instead of rising one more time
Inside the shelter of our friendship
To weather whatever comes,
I lost the key.

Recently, I don’t usually try to write such sad things, but I’ve been working hard to finish the rough draft of my novel by the end of November, and this is the only non-novel thing I wrote today that was any good at all.  Also, I am sorry for missing last Monday’s.  Somehow, all of a sudden it was Tuesday, and I realized I’d missed posting on Monday.  Because of working on the previously-mentioned novel, I decided to just wait for this week.

I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful week :)

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