I wonder how it came to be

That magma cooled for thousands of years,

Pushing forward toward the sky,

Rolling, rolling down a stream,

Till, cool and polished,

This mottled stone came to me.


I wonder how it came to be

That someone dropped a tiny seed,

Which the wind wrapped in a blanket of earth,

The sky watered, and the sun nourished,

And out of a speck the size of a sprinkle

Grew this giant, shady tree.


I wonder how it came to be

That a German couple left their home,

Crossed the Atlantic a century ago,

Moved to Texas to raise some beef,

Then rattled in a rusty car,

Bringing to California my family.


I wonder how it came to be

That the world takes a break each week

So I have no school to fill my day

And can set dusty books aside

To sit and ponder this rock in the shade

Of my family tree on the shore of the sea.


I wonder how it came to be

That the Maker of all this created me

And did not leave me to stumble about

But planned for me thousands of years ago

When He wrapped Himself in human flesh

And carried a cross up Calvary.


I wonder how it came to be

That You, O Lord, can still love me

After all the times I laugh in Your face

And disregard Your sacrifice,

Yet You still call me by name

And forget all my iniquity.


I wonder how it came to be

That the pain of my past haunts no more,

That the scars on my heart have faded away

And You fill me with unending light and joy;

So now my soul dances and I wait for the day

I’ll sing with You forever in eternity.

2 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to say congratulations because I am nominating you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. And no, this isn’t some weird gimmick, I promise. Your posts are not only entertaining, but also inspirational, encouraging, and beautifully written. My post with your nomination will be published soon and you can choose to accept.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your nomination. It is so humbling that people actually read what I write, and I am incredibly honored and blessed by your comment and nomination. Have a blessed day!

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