Hello! I’ve recently moved, and I’ve been thinking a lot in the process. The hardest thing has been leaving the people I love, despite how excited I am for new adventures and experiences. This poem was inspired by those feelings.

You're a gaping hole
a missing part
the most precious part
of me
You're my roots
running deep, grounding me
in rich soil
so I can grow free
You're the life in my veins
that I don't know how
I can live without
You're the strength
giving me boldness
to step forward and
begin again
You're the bitter taste
of regrets festering in my chest—
the mistakes I made
that hurt you
or kept us from being
as close as I wanted
You're the tapestry of love
keeping me warm and safe
no matter where I go,
through all loneliness
in every challenge and joy
this adventure brings

You're the best part of me
and I will never forget you.

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