Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Fifteen

Happy late Thanksgiving! If you're just starting to read this, or if you need a refresher on what's happened, you can find previous chapters here. The straw of the cottage roof welcomed the flame from Damia’s mouth.  Human screams filled the air.  She smiled and circled the house from above.  Their screams were the first … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Fifteen

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Fourteen

It's long overdue.  I have made the decision that I need to stop trying to make promises about on which days you can expect a new chapter.  I'm terribly sorry, but at this time in life the only thing I can promise is that I will post new chapters as soon as they are ready, … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Fourteen

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Thirteen

Here's a new chapter 🙂  Find previous ones here. Leala blinked.  That was a question she had not anticipated. “N-no,” Ancel stuttered, for once without a steady flow of words. “Why?” Leala asked. To the Princess, Garrin said, “It was worth a try.” To Leala and her husband, the Princess said, “It just has to … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Thirteen

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Twelve

I'm back!  Sorry for disappearing.  Classes in my program began fully, and about the time I was able to establish a schedule for writing my dog of sixteen years died.  I'm hoping to start posting either every week or every other week on Friday or Saturday.  Thank you for bearing with me and waiting patiently … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Twelve

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Eleven

Find previous chapters here. Nassty, tricky humans! Who did they thinks they were?  Shouldn’t food know it’s food? In all Damia’s long life she’d never faced anything like that.  Humans were weak little things, easily lulled to sleep by her singing.  Their sharp, pointy sticks were only mild inconveniences—if she wanted to play with them … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Eleven