Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 1

What follows is the first chapter of a little novella I am writing just for fun. What with all the emotional turmoil of the other stories I am writing, sometimes it's nice to write a fluffy romance with a happy ending. That said, I have already put in more research for this story than any … Continue reading Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 1

On Immortality

I will be continuing the series on leadership started in the previous post, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a little conversation on the concept of immortality (an idea popularized in our current day by vampires, Tuck Everlasting, and stories involving Greek gods). This is a conversation between my main character, … Continue reading On Immortality

Worldviews Sketch

Here’s a little sketch from an idea I had in my Foundation of Christian Thought class. We’re talking about different worldviews, so I thought I’d try a little allegorical scene with some of the different ones. Those included here are Christian Theism, Pantheism, Agnosticism, Secular Humanism, and Atheistic Existentialism. _____________________ “Your usefulness is up. Doug, … Continue reading Worldviews Sketch

In Need of Advice

Dear readers,   I find myself in a new situation--not that that occurs so infrequently; new situations happen all the time. The difference is that in this situation, you can help me!  I am considering submitting a story to my school's Creative Arts Journal.  As I have never submitted a story to a school journal--or … Continue reading In Need of Advice

Kristen’s Bad Day

Here I venture to tell a story that takes place in this world.  It's been a while, since for the past four years all my thought has been wrapped up in my own story world.  Hopefully it's not too bad 🙂 __________________________________________________________________________ Something startles me awake.  I grab my alarm clock to see what time … Continue reading Kristen’s Bad Day

Though None Go With Me

This is a short story I wrote for an English class a few years ago.  Hope you enjoy it 🙂 _______________________________________________________________ “Gentlemen,” Mark Carlisle, his new acquaintance, said, “allow me to introduce Mr. Zachery Taylor.  He is recently arrived here at Harvard.  Mr. Taylor,” turning to Zach, he gestured widely around the room, “my friends … Continue reading Though None Go With Me

Daevêd and the Airiens

            No one ever comes out alive. I glance at the young man beside me.  Jorthâes, the eldest son of King Avänt—he’s my best friend.  His set expression as he looks at the dark forest directly ahead of us tells me he’s thinking the same thing as me.  We may not … Continue reading Daevêd and the Airiens

The Pond and the Lake

A couple weeks ago I posted the Creation story I'm working on, which you can read here: This is the next part of the beginning-of-the-world story.   A piece of trivia: it and Creation are written in the voice of Raiballeon, a character from a later time who recorded the early history of Orrock.   … Continue reading The Pond and the Lake