As long as I can remember, being an author has been my dream job.  Most little girls want to be an actress or a ballerina or something of the sort; I wanted to be an author.  As this blog illustrates, that dream has lived on and gotten stronger.

And so, today, it is with greatest pleasure, utter amazement, and sheer ecstasy that I share with you some exciting, thrilling, life-changing, UNSPEAKABLY AWESOME NEWS:

My first book is published!!!!

Some of you have read my short-story-turned-monster-turned-novella The Weavers’ Blessing that I originally posted here.  Well, it has been revised, edited, and turned into this beauty that you see above.  Isn’t this just splendid?!

What is it about?

“May this land ever draw its strength from the purity and fortitude of its rulers’ hearts.”

For centuries, the small kingdom of Clachan flourished under this blessing spoken by a great magician, until an evil king invaded and murdered the royal family. The land fell into decay. For a dozen years, all hope was lost–or so it was thought. With the king’s hunters after her, can Princess Elaine Weaver, the only surviving member of Clachan’s rightful ruling family, save herself and her country?

There it is, folks.  My book.  My precious baby.  A dream become reality.

If you are interested in this story, feel free to check it out now–and tell your friends, too!  It’s available right now at in Kindle form:

And in paperback form:

At in paperback form:

Now, excuse me while I go weep with joy and jump up and down like a crazy person. :)

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