Dressember was born in 2009, when my then-small group leader Blythe first came up with the idea.  Her challenge: To wear a dress every day for the month of December.  Behind Dressember is the idea of embracing femininity.  In our current world, where girls are encouraged to push the limits of traditionally female roles and do everything they can imagine, it is easy to accept the implicit and sometimes explicit message that we have to become more masculine in order to have a place in a “man’s world.”  Dressember challenges that trend by instead encouraging women to embrace their femininity and beauty.

Every year, Blythe has added some new innovation to the tradition.  This year, she decided to add even more to the meaning behind Dressember by aligning with the International Justice Mission.  This year’s Dressember participants–women who rise to the challenge of wearing dresses every day for the month of December–are doing so to raise awareness of global slavery and raise funds for this organization, which has been working for human justice in countries whose governments ignore their strong slave trade, providing care and legal representation for victims.

I am honored to finally join the ranks of Dressember participants this year, and for such a good cause.  You’ll see me documenting my month on this blog–I probably won’t update every day, but I will post pictures of every day at least once a week.  If you feel led, please consider donating to IJM through the Dressember page, and check out where your donation is going here.

Dressember Day 1

Dressember 1

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