I’ve been puzzling over what to do with this blog since I finished sharing the early draft of Child of the Kaites with you.  I finally have decided.  At least for now, my goal is to bring you one of my original writings (short story or poem) per month and also share with you about one other author’s story per month.

Last Friday, I told you stories from my trip to Japan.  Today, I want to share news with you about a novel by E.B. Dawson.

Dawson is one of my favorite of the authors I’ve had the delight of meeting since I joined the author community on Twitter.  She’s incredible, funny, thoughtful, and encouraging, and she pushes herself and the rest of us to give our best.  Dawson is also the founder and Editor in Chief of Phoenix Fiction Writers, a marketing collective for indie authors of inspiring science fiction and fantasy.

In addition to that, she is the author of the The Creation of Jack series.  This action-packed science fiction series follows one of my favorite female main characters in a heart-racing story of brokenness and hope.

I’ve written about Out of Darkness, book one of the series, in my Goodreads review.  Some exciting news is that Out of Darkness is now ON SALE for $0.99! You can get it almost for free on Amazon or Kobo.

Out of Darkness is on sale for two weeks, in preparation for something that is even more exciting news:


Under the Skin Cover

Isn’t it beautiful?! I have major heart eyes right now, and I’m so intrigued!

Under the Skin is about this:

After narrowly avoiding catastrophe on the world’s first space colony, humanity struggles to redefine itself. Logan, Druce, and the crew try to remain neutral. But tensions are mounting, and when Logan gets separated from the others, they will have to decide where their loyalties lie. As Logan’s longtime battle with her own identity comes to a head, she will find the fate of humanity lies in the balance.

Dawson has also graciously allowed me to share an exclusive snippet from Under the Skin just with you!

“What you’re saying doesn’t make sense.”

“It doesn’t have to make sense,” Druce snapped. “But we need to take this threat seriously.”

“So what do we do?” Oliver Martin asked practically.

“Tom Gregson needs help making sense of the data he collected,” Druce said, “And then if you’re smart, you’ll make capturing that weapon your first priority.”

“Why don’t you accept your commission and then you can make it your priority?” Nigel asked.

Druce tried not to narrow his eyes at his father.

“Or haven’t you decided whose side you’re on?” Nigel tried and failed to keep the judgement out of his voice.

“I know what I believe,” Druce crossed his fingers, “But I’m not sure I know what every man at this table believes, when it comes down to it. And I’m not sure I’m comfortable submitting myself unreservedly to their authority. I’ve been in that boat before.”

“Okay,” Oliver Martin seemed unperturbed. “So don’t accept a traditional commission. We’ll hire you and your crew to work for us on your terms.”

“Like a mercenary?”

“Like a privateer. We could use your expertise. If you need your participation to be completely voluntary, that’s exactly what it’ll be. You can help us define the parameters of your contract.”

“Oliver,” Nigel said, “I don’t think that’ll be necessary. I’m sure my son understands his responsibility to humanity.”

“How would that work, exactly?” Druce ignored his father and addressed Oliver Martin. “You can’t keep order in a military without a clear chain of command.”

“Oh, there’d be a chain of command. Your contract would clearly outline duties and expectations.”

“I’ll have to think about it.”

“Of course you will. But in the meantime…we could really use your help.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Give us a fighting chance. Loan us your technician, Thomas Gregson. And we could sure use your advice on strategy.”

Ah, Druce is my favorite! I’m already full of nerves.

Are you intrigued, too?  The good news is that you don’t have long to wait.  Under the Skin comes out on June 23rd, and you can have it as soon as possible by preordering it.  It’s available for preorder right now on Kobo, on Kindle, and from other retailers.

Have you read books one and two, Out of Darkness and Into the Void?  Let me know what you thought of them in the comments.  Tell me what you’re most excited about for Under the Skin, too!

I’m really excited for COJ‘s universe to expand and to see Jack, Druce, and the team continue to grow.


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  1. Ahhhh!!! Thanks so much for participating, Beth, and for all the kind words. I’m super excited for you and all your readers to continue the adventure!

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