To the bushy-tailed victim
Of a tragic happenstance
That occurred upon this morning grim
Because of cruel chance:

With nimble feet you leapt
Across the warm black asphalt,
Your fluffy tail the street swept,
Your hands stretched out to exalt.

No evil thought weighed heavy
Upon those shoulders small.
A smile was always ready
On your tiny face to share with all.

What evil brought me thither
At precisely the same time?
Why did you not flinch and wither
But continue in your jaunt sublime?

The screech of brakes
Was not enough to save—
Or maybe that same reaction makes
Me the one who sent you to your early grave.

O brutal world!  That marked not
The passing of such cheerfulness
With tears or thought,
Or a tangible bump as your body compressed!

How can I make atonement?
Shall my soul to torment be sent
For murdering this innocent?
You did not deserve this end.

O! Let your kindred forgive my compunction
When they gather in conferral.
There never was a more grieved woman
Who ran over a squirrel.

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