This blog contains the story I have written/am writing.  It is the ninth book in its series, The Story, and shall be the first one of the series to be fully written–a bit like C.S. Lewis wrote his Chronicles of Narnia out of order.

As it takes place in another world, and is the first book written in the series, some background information is needed:  The invented nation of Maraiah and its relationship with the God figure, sometimes called Thaes, sometimes called Aia, is the central theme to the series.  This book, The Final Exile, takes place directly after the story in which the Christ figure, Thaessav Elkan, comes on scene on the planet (Orrok) and rescues the nation of Maraiah from Avenaiah/avenah, the leader of the demons, the Satan figure.

At this point, Thaessav has gone to Thalgarten Jiyor Ayr (the heavens), and creatures on Orrok must decide whether to believe he was actually Aia or a liar, whether to follow him or not.  At the same time, the nation of Broq, who gained strength under the hand of Avenaiah, grows increasingly stronger on Orrok, though Avenaiah has been chained and is in defeat.  Every nation it comes in contact with is in danger of being swallowed by Broq–and Maraiah is no exception.

Enter into the scene Ira, granddaughter of two strong characters in the previous story, and Aichan, good-looking and charismatic, both of whom are marquisah, 60 of the top warriors in Maraiah.  This is their story as Maraiah sifts through what to believe about Thaessav and how to rebel against Broq.

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