Here is my second ever sonnet!!  The first, which you can find here, is about Roman soldiers, a fascinating topic.

House of Sorrow on a Hill

by Beth Wangler

Behold the house of sorrow on a hill
That boasted naught but crumbling façade
And mites of dust unmoved by air so still;
Whose pavèd path no foot had ever trod.
Its desolation never was the last
Thing one was wont to notice passing by.
One glance would leave the viewer sad, aghast
At the solemn structure ‘gainst the sky.
Not long ago I passed it by anew,
Expecting proof that life ends dull and dark—
And lo!  Its days of mournful past are through!
Its walls are bright, its windows light.  A lark
Sang loud nearby.  Its purpose now: To reunite
The lonely and downtrodden with delight.

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