Here is a poem inspired at a weekend retreat with some amazing people, where God took time to demolish the places I was looking for strength and to reinstate Himself as my one true source of security:

I thought my home was taken

Away these past five years,

In houses whose owners made me fear

To change anything, leave a mark,

Say, “I was here.”


I thought my home was wandering,

And I was quite aware,

In my soul or in my car,

I was traveling in life

To a home somewhere far.


I thought my home was crumbling

As my sister moves away

And our closeness starts to fray.

Where my family was bonded,

Now change has come to stay.


I was wrong.


My home is not far off,

It’s here where I’m with You,

Secure in every venture, new,

And told to leave my mark

In Your kingdom, standing true.

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