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Who first discovered that all it took to awaken one of the dragon’s victims was for their soulmate to peer into their sleeping eyes?  Noemi wanted to know.

When the winged black silhouette of the Lull Wyrm blotted out the sinking sun, she also wanted to know who discovered that an awoken victim’s song could kill the dragon.  For that matter, how did anyone have the courage to sing in the face of that beast?  Noemi felt her throat squeeze shut and her mouth dry up.

Garrin’s warm hand pressed against hers, lending courage.

Noemi searched her memory for any song.  The Wyrm swooped closer.  Sirs Ancel and Lamar tensed.  At last, a song she had not heard in years came to mind.  Noemi sang, tremulously at first:

“Did you ever hear the song
Of true love’s sight gone all a-wrong?
Sadder plight there’s not been yet
Than that of Colbert and Trinette:
Maiden fair and warrior strong
Shared color, but were destined to forget.”

Something wasn’t working.  The dragon kept approaching.  Garrin pushed Noemi behind him.  She sang louder.

“Lovely Trinette, born a serf;
Colbert, who haunted sea and warf—”

Still the dragon did not sleep.  Maybe it wasn’t the right song.  She searched for another.

“Trickle, trickle, azure brook,
Back to whence you came.
Cackle, cackle, blackened rook,
In the birdcage of your dame.”

But the nursery rhyme didn’t work, either.

The Wyrm was almost upon them.  An arrow flew from Sir Ancel’s crossbow.  Noemi’s back hit the rocky cliff wall behind them.  She tried singing nonsensical, made-up songs and words.

The fleshy wings knocked the knights apart.  Sir Lamar’s blade left an open gash across one wing, but he and Sir Ancel bounced off the cliff walls and stayed where they landed.

The beast reared over Garrin.  For one horrible moment, she thought it would swoop straight over him and gobble her up whole.  She forgot how to sing.

Then bright, vibrant fire spewed out of its mouth.  Noemi smelled charred flesh, but she felt no pain.  She couldn’t understand what was happening.

The air split and slapped together.  Noemi knew this feeling—it had happened just before she fell asleep.

When Garrin fell to the ground, Noemi finally understood.  And it felt like her heart split.

A scream tore out of her throat.  Even with wax in her ears, she could hear it.  Her only thought was of Garrin’s unconscious form.  His charred face was the only thing she saw—

Until the dragon collapsed over him.

Only three more chapters left :)  Let me know what you think, and if there’s anything you are hoping happens!!

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