In my science class, we were learning about the movement of tectonic plates, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and how rocks are formed.  In one class, I was overwhelmed at God’s power to do these things so easily, creativity to make the world in this way, and love to build the world so carefully for us to live on.  I rarely write poetry, unless it is called for in a story I am writing, but this class (a science class, of all things) inspired me to write poetry.  So now I share with you an “Excerpt from My Science Notes.”


Praise the Lord, O my soul,

sing His praise always.

Shout the praise of the Lord

at the top of your lungs!

How great is our God, how mighty in power;

how glorious are the works of His hands!

How beautiful You are, O Lord, my Redeemer!

I am overwhelmed to the point of weeping.

His love is great, His love is deep,

His love reaches through all boundaries.

His love is great, His love is deep-

His love pursues with reckless abandon.

O my soul, my innermost being,

   rejoice in the Lord and bless His Name!

Delight in the Lord;

He loves.

O that all people would turn to You!

            O! that they would realize

Your greatness, Your supremacy, Your uniqueness

            and Your love.

Holy Lover, blessed Savior,

            move in this place.

Come send Your Spirit with power

to all believers!

Stir up in the continents a passion for You,

a love like Yours for the broken and hurting!

Give us hearts for the ones You love,

for those who are living dead.

Like them I used to be

Like them I was dead

You loved me

Hæ Aia!* You came

Hæ Aia!* You died

Hæ Aia!* You live,

now and forevermore.

I an unlovable, my sin is too great.

I am wretched and hopeless.

You are love, You are greater,

You are awesome and able.

How can I respond? What can I do?

Which words can even come close?

Let Your love fill me to overflowing;

let me be Your love to the world.

I will praise You forever,

and in Your Name I will lift up my hands.

I will proclaim the glory of the Lord

and His passionate, reckless love all my days.

*This is an expression in the language Maraian, which is spoken by the people Maraiah in my series of books that is being written.  It means, approximately translated, “Praise the Lord!” or “God saves!” or “Halleluiah!” and is an expression of complete love and worship :)

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