Currently, I have two main genres of stories: fantasy and fairy tales.

The Firstborn’s Legacy is a Christian fantasy saga spanning deserts, forests, jungles, seas, and generations. Follow the nation of Maraiah and the peoples they encounter as they struggle with faith, violence, loss, and hope as they look for Aia’s promise of peace.

I have written three fairy tale novellas, each of which was posted regularly to my blog. The first is now available in paperback and ebook. The second and third are still free here. I have plans of a fourth, but it is not currently in the works.

  1. The Weavers’ Blessing — inspired by Snow White
  2. The Kangraffs’ Curse — inspired by Cinderella
  3. Noemi’s Dragon — inspired by Sleeping Beauty

  1. “The Word Thrower” — urban fantasy, in Antiheroes
  2. Fugitive
  3. Prologue to Something
  4. Though None Go With Me
  5. Lincoln High
  6. The Shadows of Kasteel Von Rhoon
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