The Lay of Brielle and Tavish: Part 2

Last week, you read the first part of an epic poem about the people of Marah.  To recap, they had just fallen down a waterfall on the River Ely in the middle of winter.  Here is what happened next 🙂 Next she new, Brielle found Herself within the warmest mound Of blankets made from fur and … Continue reading The Lay of Brielle and Tavish: Part 2

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter 18

Please accept my apologies for how long you've had to wait for this next chapter.  I am student teaching now, in addition to going to school, and it's taking nearly all of my waking time.  In the midst of all that, at the end of January, we had a loss in our family.  On top … Continue reading Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter 18

Finding God in Stories: Doctor Who

Today's installation of Finding God in Stories brings to you Doctor Who! Doctor Who is a British TV series about the Doctor, a time-traveling alien.  For the past 50 years, viewers have watched the Doctor travel through time and space in his T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)--his time machine that looks like a … Continue reading Finding God in Stories: Doctor Who

Adventures with Father

When I ask for life like it used to be, You say, "The past was beautiful, But the future is brilliant. We're on an adventure, No two days are the same, But I'm leading the way. Remember our past, Rejoice in the present, Rest in the promise of the future. You are and always will … Continue reading Adventures with Father

Daevêd and the Airiens

            No one ever comes out alive. I glance at the young man beside me.  Jorthâes, the eldest son of King Avänt—he’s my best friend.  His set expression as he looks at the dark forest directly ahead of us tells me he’s thinking the same thing as me.  We may not … Continue reading Daevêd and the Airiens