Child of the Kaites: Chapter 6

Child of the Kaites Chapter 6 | Beth Wangler

Find previous chapters here.        After breakfast, Maylani, Saviayr, and I stop by Nadina’s house.  Maylani wants to buy fabric from the marketplace to make a new dress for her wedding.  The material we weave and dye ourselves is not of fine enough quality for such an occassion.  Of course, Nadina’s advice is indispensable. A … Continue reading Child of the Kaites: Chapter 6

The Kangraffs’ Curse, Chapter 5

Find previous chapters here. ______________________________________________             It was odd, Annette thought, to be dragged into the room of a large, lonely fireplace she’d cleaned hundreds of times and find it now surrounded by more people than she’d seen for years.  It was odd that someone would hurt the Telling Tree, and even more odd that … Continue reading The Kangraffs’ Curse, Chapter 5